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Product Spotlight
Pork, half freezer pig
$3.00/lb (Half hog, based on liveweight)
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Pork, whole freezer pig
$2.90/lb (Whole hog liveweight)
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Milk, Whole, gallon
$7.00/ea (1 Gallon)
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$6.00/ea (approx. 1# frozen blackberries )
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Butter, cultured
$10.00/lb (Approx 1/2 lb pkg.)
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Beef, Ground
$6.00/ea (1 lb. chub ground beef)
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30 Pack Ground Beef Bundle
$5.75/lb (30 one lb. chubs of Ground Beef)
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Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak
ON SALE! Save $2.00/lb
$7.50/lb (one boneless steak approx. 1 lb.)
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Colostrum, 2nd Day
ON SALE! Save $2.00
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5 Pack Strip Loin Steak Bundle
ON SALE! Save $1.25/lb
$8.25/lb (5 approx 1 lb. pkgs of Strip Steak)
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5 Pack Top Round Steak Bundle
$8.85/lb (5 pkgs. Top Round Steak, approx 7.5 lbs.)
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5 Pack Arm Roast Bundle
$5.50/lb (5 pkgs. Arm Roasts, approx 10 lbs.)
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5 Pack Cubed Steak Bundle
$7.75/lb (5 pkgs. Cubed Steak, approx. 5 lbs.)
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