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Baby (calf) Mama Drama

In the biggest first day of calving season I can ever remember, Sunday March 26 brought 4 new calves! And 1 a day for three days after that. We ARE starting to get a little bit of milk bottled, and hopefully the volume will increase over the next few days. But read on for the story of the baby calf mama drama on Sunday!

Sowing and Reaping

One could argue that a theme woven through the Bible is the principle of sowing and reaping. That which is sown will eventually produce a harvest of some sort. The dead of winter, agriculturally speaking, may seem a strange time to think about sowing. But even aside from the fact that farmers and gardeners actually do start planning to plant while the earth is still lifeless and frozen, there is never a time or season when we can't or don't sow seeds in our lives.

Weathering Winter Storms

The 2022 winter storm over Christmas was no laughing matter for any who endured its fury. But with the right kind of conditioning and protection, even outdoor animals can make it through relatively unscathed.

Lessons From Farms and Battlefields

Maybe Gettysburg and Eisenhower's farm don't appear to have much to do with this farm on the surface. But everything is connected to everything. And I've felt compelled to record and share these reflections. Be encouraged. Be empowered to make a difference.

Fighting for Joy

This cow. If she's not a metaphor for life right now, I don't know what is. Click on her picture to read more about life with Joy the cow this spring!

Watering in the Winter

I'm still a novice when it comes to video making, so I acknowledge this is far from professional quality :D. But I recorded this a couple weeks ago to show one of the ways we water the cows in the pasture through the winter when it's below freezing.