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Butterflies and Their Bushes

August 9, 2021

In this pictures are two survivors, still doing what they were made to do.
The butterfly bush is one grandma planted in her flower bed within the garden years ago. Her cherished flower beds got moved around over the years, and the overgrown flower bed was eventually returned to tilled garden space. One year dad moldboard plowed the entire garden. We till the soil each spring before planting. And each year this butterfly bush has sprouted up again!
Tonight as I went to the garden for some lettuce, I saw three butterflies on the bush. I don’t know if this bush is for butterflies with broken wings, but they all looked a little worn. This swallowtail in particular made me do a double take. It was literally missing half of one wing! Yet it still managed to fly from bloom to bloom, and eventually took off in search of other blossoms elsewhere. I was amazed at how it continued to fly as if nothing was wrong!
How much could we learn from these two beauties?? Maybe you’ve been dug up, plowed under, or had part of you stripped away and you didn’t know if you’d even survive, let alone bloom or fly. May these two little reminders in God’s creation help you remember that it’s not really about what happens to you, it’s mostly about using whatever you do have to do what God created you to do. Don’t let others determine what you are capable of, because TRULY, “with God, ALL things are possible.”

Kate Cobb

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