Easy-peel hard-boiled eggs

February 18, 2020

Hard-boiled eggs make a quick breakfast, a high protein and low carb snack, a quintessential salad topping, and delicious sandwich material in the form of egg salad. Just to make a few. 

But it can be so frustrating when you go to the trouble of boiling them only to find that the shells do NOT want to come off, and picking tiny bits of shell off the egg is tedious indeed. 

One thing that can make your eggs easier to peel is to boil older ones. At least a couple weeks after they were laid is helpful. 

But I’ve tried another method, and so far the experiment indicates that even fresh eggs will peel pretty well! So what’s the trick?

Steam them! 


I had seen this recommendation on Facebook. Steam the eggs for 20 minutes. Last week I steamed some eggs and they peeled beautifully. But they were a little older eggs. And I wanted to really test this method so I steamed the freshest eggs I could get...I had 6 eggs that were laid late yesterday afternoon, and those are the ones that went in the pot! After the 20 minutes passed I cooled them a bit in cold water before draining and putting them in the refrigerator overnight. 


This morning I was eager to see the results. And there is only one out of 6 that I’ve eaten so far, but for a super fresh egg I was pleased. 


It’s not that none of the white peeled off with the shell but it wasn’t too bad considering how fresh it was!

How about you? Have you tried this method? If you have, please share your results!

And if you’d like to place an order for farm fresh eggs, you can do that here :)

Kate Cobb

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