Beef, 1/4 beef bundle

Beef, 1/4 beef bundle

Bundle of beef cuts, equivalent approximately to 1/4 beef
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Beef cuts from the whole animal; (All numbers represent number of pkgs.) 1 Top Round steaks, 4 Fillets, 3 Rib eye steaks, 6 Strip steaks, 7 Boneless sirloin steaks, 1 Cubed steaks, 3 Chuck roasts, 1 Arm roasts, 1Rolled rump roast, 1 Eye of round roast, 8 Stew meat, 4 Soup bones, 25 Ground beef 1 lb. chubs, 5 Ground beef patties (three 1/3 lb. patties).

Price will vary for bundles. The individual cuts will vary in weights, so will be weighed and savings will be calculated on a 10% discount. Also the cuts and numbers of cuts may vary according to availability.


100 % grass fed beef