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Pork, Half Hog bundle

Pork, Half Hog bundle

A bundle of pork cuts equivalent to about a 1/2 hog
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The following are approximate weights because of variation in pkg. size:

~20 lbs ground pork and sausage (choose at least two varieties of the following: unseasoned ground pork, seasoned breakfast sausage and breakfast sausage links, and Italian sausage)

~10 lbs bacon (side bacon, jowl bacon and bacon ends)

~10 lbs shoulder roast (4 roasts)

~20 lbs chops/steaks (blend of bone-in chops, boneless chops, tenderloin cutlets)

~ 8 lbs (blend of smoked ham hock, neck bones and 1 small ham roast)

Final actual bundle cost will be figured on individual package weights with a 10% discount, so the total cost will vary from the estimate. Mix of cuts will depend on product availability.


Pork, raised on pasture, fed skim milk, whey and some non GMO grains.