Pork, Half Hog, (freezer)

Half hog, carcass weight basis, cut and wrapped
$4.10/lb. Avg. 98 lb.
Sold Out

Half hog, this hanging carcass weight is based on a 135 lbs half live weight
hog. The price is based on the 98 lb. carcass weight, (half of the whole hog), of which the actual take
home weight will be some less from the cutting and trimming and water
shrinkage. The total weight will vary according to the original size of
the live hog which could vary from 250-350 lbs.

Will be available in late summer/early fall 2020. Taking orders now. $100 down payment at order.


Pork, raised on pasture, fed skim milk, whey and some non GMO grains.