Sausages and Specialty Meats

Fresh and cured sausages from beef, pork and veal

Avg. 14.4 oz.

Beef Jerky

pkg size approx 1/5 lb.
Avg. 3.2 oz.

Beef Pepperoni

1 roll of beef pepperoni, approx 3/4-1 lb.
Avg. 14.4 oz.

Beef Polish Sausage

Four links in approx. 1 lb. pkg.

Beef, Smoked Bacon

One pkg. sliced beef bacon
Avg. 12.8 oz.
Sale $1.50 savings

Gift Certificate

$25 gift certificate for The Farm Connection

Pork, Sausage Jubilee Bundle

15 lbs. of pork sausage and ground pork$105
Avg. 15 lb.
Avg. 1 lb.